Epiroc anchors down on safety and productivity with new Cabletec SL

From Epiroc.

Epiroc Cabletec SL is a fully mechanised versatile cable bolting machine for enhanced safety and productivity

Epiroc understands that safety and productivity are fundamental to a mine's sustainable future and this was the inspiration behind the design and development of the latest ground-breaking fully mechanised Cabletec SL.

Mines are increasingly recognising the invaluable role of automation and digitalisation in driving down input costs and driving up output, efficiencies and productivity while at the same time enhancing the safety of mine workers.

Featuring advanced automation technology, this fully mechanised and versatile cable bolting machine eliminates the need for perilous and time consuming hand-held drilling and manual installation of mechanical anchors by performing these processes remotely.

The Cabletec SL also reduces the number of operators required to install mechanical anchors to a maximum of two people who are able to operate the machine safely from a canopy or via blue tooth remote control technology. Remote functions include changing the drill steel and inserting the grout and bolt into the hole. 'Operators are therefore not placed at risk as they are completely removed from under unsupported ground,' notes Andrew Main - business line manager for Epiroc 's Underground Rock Excavation (URE) division.

The Cabletec SL is able to drill and install cable anchors from 3000 mm up to 6000 mm in length in the hanging wall. 'The ability to drill and support 6000 mm horizontal holes is a major benefit in pillar operation, strapping pillars in a room as well as truss applications,' observes Main. The machine installs cable in a 2000 mm to 3000 mm heading which can be extending to 4000 mm by fitting a longer stinger.

The Cabletec SL aced a recent trial test in a local platinum mine, achieving extremely impressive results. The average cycle time for the complete installation of a 3 m cable anchor which included the mechanised drilling of the hole, the injection of the grout, and the insertion, kinking and cutting of the cable as well as moving on to the next hole, was completed in under 10 minutes and the cycle time to drill and install a 6 m cable was sub 20 minutes.

With its easy to install rope anchors ranging from 1.6 m up to 6 m in length, the Cabletec SL is able to meet the different secondary support requirements with different lengths of rope anchor support prescribed by rock engineering departments. 'Historically, the contractor crew had to stop the areas requiring support for one to two weeks but with the use of the Cabletec SL, time can be reduced by up to a quarter,' explains Main.

The rugged machine which can be adapted for different orebodies comprises the new COP 628 hydraulic rock drilling unit, a cable / grouting head, a cement / grout mixing unit and a bolting cable reel. Designed for high production volumes in a low profile mining height, the COP 628 assists in elevating the machine's performance owing to its immediate penetration rate.

The detachable grout mixing system is fitted with a RCS (Rig Control System) to ensure consistently high quality grout to the correct strength and volume per hole. The added stability from the support jack helps operators in the drilling and installation of the resin bolts.

Epiroc has designed and manufactured the cable bolting machine using superior quality materials and components throughout to ensure uncompromising reliability and performance no matter how tough the conditions. 'All systems are defined by hassle-free service and maintenance, are straightforward to clean requiring only one person,' adds Main.

'Epiroc's Cabletec SL combines robustness, reliability, versatility, and efficiency with easy installation, seamless operation and hassle-free service, creating a productive and safe working environment. Ideal for mechanised low profile development and stoping, this cable bolting partner will make a valuable contribution to a mine's sustainable future.'

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