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BRP Road Patch, edges butted together to create a waterproof, flexible sealA.J. Broom Road Products offers well researched and tested quality road maintenance solutions that are innovative, environmentally friendly, and permanent as well as being cost and time effective. The product was created in the mid-1980's and has been subjected to intensive testing, climatic and volume wear on surface due to heavy loads in a number of countries including New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the UK.

The majority of roads in South Africa have not been optimally maintained and are beyond their design life. Potholes have had a lot of funds allocated to repair work but with little success due to the use inferior materials and out dated procedures. The resulting accidents, road closures, traffic congestions, repair of damaged vehicles etc. cost the country a fortune every year and this is the same of commercial entities and heavy industries such as mining environments.

BRP Road Patch

The BRP Road Patch, a prefabricated, flexible, waterproof bitumen rubber seal supplied in sheets of 750mm x 1000mm that can be cut to size as required and hundreds of sheets can be placed next to one another to accommodate larger areas. Bitumen rubber does not oxidise and remains flexible throughout its life withstanding both movement from base-layers below as well as heavy loads and volumes from all categories of traffic. Varying aggregate sizes can be supplied to ensure texture matching or change of texture for road safety projects and traffic calming. The material is cold applied with a bitumen Emulsion- KRS/ CAT 65 or SS60 and the only tools needed are a bucket, long handled broom, short handled broom, sharp knife and a chalk (tools costing less than R300.00 which facilitates job creation regardless of gender and skill).

The BRP Road Patch is a permanent pothole repair solution, as it prevents the ingress of water and the spread of deterioration. Sealing 100mm beyond any visible defects eliminates perimeter cracking and hidden stress cracks thereby ultimately reducing rework. BRP Roading solutions adhere to various surfaces such as base course asphalt, timber, steel, pavers and concrete. As access is a priority the road can be opened immediately after installation. Furthermore, the combinations of easy handling and that no capital equipment is required for installation creates much needed employment opportunities.

Hundred's of BRP Road Patch placed next to each other on a bridge in AlgeriaThe BRP Road Patch is successfully used for the sealing of crocodile cracked areas over-banding without excavation, berms, bunds, edge break repairs and water diverters to mention a few.

The BRP Road Patch is also recommended for trench reinstatements. Roadways are often excavated for the installation of fibre, water and electricity pipes, due to limited space in the road reserve or sidewalks. After placing the services, the trench must be reinstated. As it is difficult to compact the trench reinstatement to the same density as surrounding layer works, differential settlement could occur. To prevent this, the backfill material and its compaction density should be as close as possible to the existing material and its compaction density. A flexible seal should be used to seal off the reinstatement. For this purpose, the BRP Road Patch is used to cover the entire reinstatement ensuring an overlap of at least 100mm.

The BRP Road Patch can be used as a sealing utility for typical failures around manholes. Manholes can be sealed off quickly using the BRP Road Patch as it is easy to cut to the desired shape and size with a sharp knife.

In addition, the resilient BRP Road Patch is useful for cost-effective bridge maintenance e.g. for deck sealing, for constructing and waterproofing bridge joints providing a durable binder.

The BRP Conceal- IT can be overlain on obsolete road markings. It comes in a standard measurement of 750mm x 1000mm and pre- cut widths of 150mm x 1000mm and 200mm x 750mm. This approach eliminates both scrabbling damage to the road surface or painting with black paint (the latter can be misleading in wet conditions). BRP Conceal- IT is manufactured with a fine texture, restores the skid resistance and offers permanent obliteration.

Focussing on road safety is paramount on national routes as well as internal roads belonging to Industry or Mines. BRP Roading Solutions have numerous Traffic Calming products available:

BRP Rumble Strips provide an audible vibratory traffic-calming effect which increases driver awareness of approaching hazards.

BRP Rumble Humps (urban and rural) comprise of a rounded profile, low in height (under 40mm). Both BRP Urban and Rural Rumble Humps are designed and placed in such a manner that encourages the motorist to travel at the signed speed. Modifications to standard designs in height, width and frequency are possible for specified locations.

The BRP Traffic Circles can be designed to the customer's requirements, relevant to any specific intersections. The BRP Traffic Circles provide an economic solution to problems that traffic engineers and planners face when designing or altering intersections. The BRP Spoked Traffic Circles are manufactured in two layers using 19.0mm and 9.5mm aggregate and bitumen rubber. This results in an outer diameter height of 13mm and an inner diameter height of 26mm.

The BRP Road Patch is neatly, wrapped in plastic, stacked on pallets and transported to any destination nationally and globally. Locally pallets are stacked to a weight of one ton per pallet however, overseas 20 ton shipping containers stack pallets to a weight of 1.5tons. The BRP Roading Solutions can be stored for nine years making it an ideal product to keep in your store for 365 days and 24/7 repair work.

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