Koepe Rope Attachments installed at mine in Bushveld Complex

From Becker Mining South Africa.

All four sets of Koepe Head Rope attachments in service at the mine in western limb of Bushveld Complex

Installation of Becker Mining South Africa's winding rope attachments at a mine in the western limb of the Bushveld Complex is now complete and is ready to be put into full production.

'This equipment - which was designed and manufactured locally by Becker Mining South Africa - covers the specific winding requirements of this underground mine,' says Tom Searle, senior general manager: mechanical, Becker Mining South Africa. 'Four sets of head rope attachments and four sets of tail rope attachments are required for the 4.5 m drum diameter Koepe winder, which accommodates 38 mm head ropes and 40 mm tail ropes.

'A Becker Thimble type capel is fitted to the ropes with a hydraulic adjusting linkage fitted between it and the conveyance. This linkage ensures there is equal sharing of the load between the four head ropes.

'Complete 30 Ton Rocket type safety detaching hook sets were supplied for the man/material winder, which has a 4,88 m drum and 51 mm ropes. A set of five ton rocket type safety detaching hooks was manufactured for the service winder, which has a 26 mm rope fitted.'

Rocket safety detaching hooks are designed to detach the winding rope from the conveyance in the event of an overwind and arrest and suspend the conveyance in the headframe. This patented design caters for the prevention of partial detachments whilst in service.

Becker Mining also supplied WRC clamps that were used during installation and will be utilised in future maintenance of ropes. A complete spare set of rope attachments was also supplied to the mine.

Hook sets, which were supplied complete with catch plates and jack catch boxes, are mounted in the headgear as a critical safety feature to prevent injury to personnel and damage to the shaft infrastructure should an overwind occur.

All equipment, which is proof load tested by Becker Mining to two and a half times the safe working loads it will be subjected to in service, is suitable for the mine's winder duties. It also complies fully with all the relevant mine health and safety acts and mining regulations.

Becker Mining's robust and reliable equipment will provide many years of safe transportation of personnel and materials to and from underground operations.

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