Beware the dangers of using fake parts

From Bobcat Equipment South Africa.

Deric Knox, national parts manager at Bobcat Equipment South Africa

Using imitation or fake parts in OEM equipment poses a major risk to the health and safety of machine operators, in addition to being hugely detrimental to the overall performance of the equipment, warns Bobcat Equipment South Africa, part of the Goscor Group of companies.

'Grey market' goods not only pose a potential danger to customers, but also present a serious business challenge. Due to the economic downturn rendering the market highly price-sensitive at present, national parts manager Deric Knox comments that the best strategy is to educate end users about the disadvantages, and hidden costs, posed by fake parts.

'In the majority of all cases, Bobcat Equipment South Africa is able to negotiate a matching, or even better, price for OEM parts for our clients. This ensures that not only are we able to maintain our market share, but we prevent customers jeopardising the productivity of their operations and the safety of their workers,' Knox stresses. 'Customers need to understand the overarching value of genuine versus imitation parts.'

For example, Bobcat has designed specific filters for its machines. Non-genuine filters cannot handle the same throughput, or last as long, which poses a significant risk to equipment. 'While cheaper-priced parts may be tempting, it is important for customers to assess the long-term performance impact these will have on their equipment,' Knox concludes.

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