Atlas Copco 8 Series is compact, lightweight and mobile

From Atlas Copco South Africa.

Atlas Copco 8 series

Designed for secure integration into utility trucks and other OEM applications, the Utility range incorporates the latest advances in Atlas Copco's pioneering air element design, offering improved efficiency, unmatched reliability, increased machine lifetime and longer service intervals.

The current Utility line-up comprises three compressors (U130, U175 and U190) available in flow ranges between 3.7 to 5.4 ml/min, working pressures between 7 and 12 bar and FAD (free air delivery) up to 190 cfm. Stanford adds that the range will be extended during 2018 which will not only expand application opportunities but will also offer customers a wider choice.

'The efficient, reliable, convenient and versatile Utility series provides the perfect onsite power supply solution for maximised uptime, productivity and ultimately, profitability,' continues Stanford. 'Defined as 'the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial', 'utility' aptly describes these compressors which combine all three benefits in a lightweight, compact package.'

The footprint of the space-saving 8 Series Utility range is 10 percent smaller on average than comparable compressors. In addition, with a full-size fuel tank, an aftercooler and even with a built-in generator (optional), these compressors weigh less than 750kg which is as much as 150kg lighter than comparable models. Thanks to this compact size/lightweight combination the compressors now fit into more vehicle types thus expanding their use in applications such as highway works and crash barrier repair. 'Even the largest unit in the range can be conveniently towed by a standard passenger vehicle,' notes Stanford.

From a versatility perspective the machine also excels; equipping the compressor with an optional generator makes it possible to turn it into a multi-function machine that delivers both air and power.

The reliable, high-performance engine delivers industry-leading fuel efficiency with savings of up to an impressive eight percent on average against comparable machines. End users requiring a two-shift operation without refueling have the option of fitting an extra fuel tank. A battery cut-off switch and starter motor protection system extends component life.

The robust, high-humidity, corrosion-resistant C3 rated canopy provides a tough exterior that protects the machine from even the harshest of conditions and temperature extremes.

Simplicity of service has been factored into the design of the Utility range. With 1000 hour service intervals, the machines only require an oil service after two years of operation. Thanks to wide doors that provide easy access to parts, it is possible to replace all consumables within the compressor in under an hour with no special tools required.

Alongside its world-class air compressor solutions, Atlas Copco Power Technique also offers turnkey power (portable generators and light towers) and flow (dewatering pumps) technology, equipment and systems to meet applications in southern Africa's construction, industrial, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries.

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