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2016 ExhibitionCatalogue
Basic Facts
Welcome,visitors to theCityof Goldand theGautengprovince.
Wehope youenjoy your stay.Below is somebasic information for visitors.
Gauteng is the ideal Africandestinationas it
has the vibrant energyof adevelopingcity,but
runs as smoothlyas any first-worldcity,equipped
withexcellentmedical facilities,sophisticated
infrastructureanda rangeof publicamenities.
Throughout the year SouthAfricaoperates two
hours aheadof GreenwichMeanTime (GMT)
making it anhour aheadof Central European
Winter Time,sevenhours aheadof Eastern Standard
Winter Time,and sevenhours behindAustralian
Central Time.Therearenot time zonedifferences
within SouthAfricaand thecountry has not
adoptedadaylight time saving system in summer.
ORTambo International Airport is themajor airport
in SouthAfricaand thehub for 45airlines fromall
fivecontinents.Flights from Europearegenerally
12hours anddirect flights between theUSand
Johannesburgor CapeTownabout 15hours.
Gautengalsohas anumber of smaller airports:
If you’vearrived inGautengby car,you’vealready
experienced the intricatenetworkof highways and
byways connecting theprovincewithother South
Africancentres. If youchoose tousepublicor other
transport,we suggest that youconsult the list of
recommended taxi services andbusses that are
available inall hotels or call theNational Tourism
Informationand Safety line for advice 083 123 2345.
At a transport hub, it is recommended that you
always keep your luggagewhere youcan see it
andnever leave it unattended.
For themajorityof foreignnationals travel to South
Africaonholiday entry is straight-forwardandhassle
free.All visitors to SouthAfricamust be inpossession
of a validpassport,and in somecases,a visa to
enter thecountry.
If visitorswant to stay for a longer period they
must formallyapply for a visaandnot relyon the
automaticentrypermit.Enquiries canbedirected to
SouthAfricadiplomatic representatives abroador
visit thecomprehensive SouthAfricanHomeAffairs
Department websiteat:http://www.home-affairs.
Thecurrency unit is theRand,denotedby the
symbol R,with 100centsmakingupR1 (one
Rand).Foreigncurrency canbeexchangedat
airports, local banks and Bureaus deChange,
travel agencies,American Express,Rennies,Thomas
Cook,etc.Please takenote that acommission
fee is charged for every transaction.Mostmajor
international credit cards suchasAmerican Express,
DinersClub,MasterCard,Visaand their affiliates
arewidelyaccepted.All themajor banks alsohave
AutomatedTellerMachines (ATM)which, inmost
cases,operate 24hours aday.Banks areopen
fromMondays to Fridays 09h00until 15h30andon
Saturdays from 08h30until 11h00or 12h00.
Most restaurants donot adda servicecharge to
bills. It is customary to leavea 10% to 15% tip.Parking
andpetrol stationattendants shouldbegiven
whatever small change youhaveavailable.This is
always appreciated,even though itmay seema
small amount.
Value-added-tax (VAT) is chargedonmost items.
Foreign tourists to SouthAfricacanhave the14%VAT
refundedprovided the valueof the items purchased
exceeds R250.00.VAT is refundedat thepoint of
departure,provided theypresent their original tax
The seasons in the SouthernHemispherearedirectly
opposite to thoseof theNorthernHemisphere.For
summermonths, lightweight (cottons and linens),
short-sleevedclothes arebest,althougha light
jersey/jumpermight beneeded for thecooler
evenings.Umbrellas and raincoats areessential for
the summers and theWesternCapewinters.Warmer
clothes areneeded for thewintermonths.
SouthAfrica’s electricity supply:220/230 voltsAC 50
Hz.Exceptions:Pretoria (230V) and Port Elizabeth
(200/250V).Most plugs have three roundpins but
someplugswith two smaller pins arealso foundon
appliances.Adaptors canbepurchased.US-made
appliancesmay needa transformer.Most hotel
rooms have100 volts outlet for electrical shavers
SouthAfricahas awell-developed infrastructure,
high standards of water treatment andmedical
facilities equal to thebest in theworld.
BecauseGauteng is awell-developedprovince,
visitors face fewhealth risks.Tapwater, for example,
is of excellent quality, renowned tobeamongst the
best in theworld,and is safe todrink everywhere
except in informal settlements.Bottledmineral
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