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Horne Group is a world leader in mine cage and skip chairing, and has extensive experience in impact energy absorption. The companys Levelok cage and skip chairing systems, continuously developed and tested for more than 30 years, overcome rope-stretch problems when hoisting heavy materials and ore in underground mines. The Levelok system can be operated with steel shaft guides and used as an emergency brake (E-brake) to provide safe deceleration in theevent of an uncontrolled fall of a mine cage. Horne supplies Levelok to mines in Canada, South Africa,the U.S.A., Australia and South America. Additionally, Horne supplies the Technogrid system, a well-engineered solution in a variety of applications, such as safely arresting mine cages in over-wind conditions in a head frame, or for counter weights on conveyor systems, impact absorption for railway rolling stock or potentially on roadway guardrails and other areas where sudden unexpected impact absorption needs to be applied to avoid serious damage or injury.

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