S.A.M.E. Water Treatment

S.A.M.E. Water has been specialising in the waste water industry since September 1966. Having specialised in this industry for over 46 years, the company has been in a position to establish a range of waste water treatment equipment designed to fulfil an entire spectrum of needs from the most basic to the most sophisticated equipment available. We have our own well-equipped manufacturing assembly workshops and skilled staff of approximately 70 people in our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices. Our technical skilled staff include: mechanical engineers; electrical engineers; process engineers; environmental engineer; a large mechanical design draughting team; and full time maintenance and installation crews.In the past 20 years we have exported equipment to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, USA and technology to Germany.

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61 - 63 Jacoba Road
South Africa