Protea Coin Group

The Protea Coin Group is the market leader in integrated risk reduction solutions with a broad spectrum of security services ranging for Cash-in-Transit to Close Protection services and more or less everything in between. We pride ourselves in our reputation for service excellence and attributes this to focused management, skilled and trained workforce and the synergies that exist within the business model.Protea Coin Group has a national footprint which is unmatched in the security sector. In South Africa, the security sector is arguably the most competitive, but in line with our mission & vision statement, Protea Coin Group delivers a service that is priced, geared and determined to add value. We take security matters seriously and our clients know and understand that feeling safe and secure is an important and indispensable part of fulfilling basic human needs.

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222 Witch-Hazel Avenue
Highveld Technopark
South Africa