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Premium Transmission Limited has been the leader in Mechanical Power Transmission Products for over five decades. It started manufacturing worm & helical gearboxes from 1961 in joint venture with David Brown, UK. We set-up another unit in 1978 to manufacture constant speed & variable speed fluid couplings in a joint venture with Fluidrive, UK. Today Premium Transmission Ltd. has four manufacturing plants in India manufacturing Worm, Helical, Bevel Helical, Planetary Gearboxes, Fluid Couplings, Elevator Drives and Geared Motors. Our product range include Worm Gearboxes from 1.12 to 28 , Helical & Bevel Helical Gearboxes up to 9000 kW, Planetary Gearboxes up to 4 million Nm, Geared Motor Inline, shaft mounted and Bevel Helical 0.061 kW up to 55 kW, Cooling Tower gearboxes 10 kW to 400 kW, Constant Speed fluid Coupling and Variable Speed Fluid Couplings upto 11000 kW.Premium manufactures transmissions for various industrial sectors such as Material Handling, Mining, Sugar, Power, Iron & Steel, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Marine, Cooling Towers, Petrochemical, Plastics & Rubber, Food processing, Pharmaceuticals etc. Premium products are being exported to Germany, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Russia, SE Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, ME countries, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, East Africa etc.

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