KPMC is a niche BEE (level 2) project management and engineering company, specialising in combining the practicalities of mining, the challenges of logistics and the volumes of bulk materials handling with innovative solutions and experience in order to provide a complete peace of mind project experience to our clients.KPMC pride itself on vast knowledge of operations from PIT to PORT and besides the specialist engineers at our disposal; we have global associates bringing you world class solutions, all with experience in the following fields: - Project Management: Highly skilled engineers with a wealth of experience handling multi-million dollar projects in the mining industry, bulk materials handling industry and logistics related thereto. Our efficient project controllers, using the latest software, provide the tools for effective control and completion of projects.- Mining: over 30+ years of experience in the mining industry, from dirty hands to smart suit in gold, diamonds, chrome, manganese, coal, platinum and others.- Logistics: bringing innovative solutions developed by world leaders in product innovation into Africa to provide solutions for Africas logistics problems, like KPMC RailRunner technology where by taking a truck trailer putting it on Rail (benefiting all involved).- Bulk Materials handling: specialist product engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share on bulk materials handling equipment, specifically tipplers, stackers, stacker reclaimers, load out stations, stockyard layouts, conveyors, feeders and automated bulk unloading systems.The company is driven by people passionate about innovation, the desire to work smart and to improve productivity to meet the challenges in Africa today. Our focus is also on environmentally friendly services and solutions in order to clean up waste, prevent dusting and providing energy efficient products. KPMC have identified niche products backed by international experts to bring innovation into to your world.