Kiloton Hydraulics

Kiloton Tools, Power Tools & Hydraulics is an official importer of Enerpac Hydraulics assuring you the best service, technical advice and pricing. We also offer free certified safety training for all Enerpac products. Kiloton as the leading brand of choice which focuses on the tooling and equipment needs of the manufacturing and production industries in southern Africa and other selected export markets.Kiloton is also a major distributor of Enerpac Hydraulics, Bosch Power Tools, Chicago Pneumatics, Gedore Hand Tools, Pferd Abrasives, Somta Cutting Tools and Ruwag Drill Bits and Drill Sets. You can be rest assured that you are being provided with the most enhanced quality, service levels and pricing. To support you, the client, Kiloton is at the top of their game when it comes to up-to-the-minute technological advancements, first rate products, availability, delivery service, as well as professional treatment of our customers by fully trained staff who have superior product knowledge. If you were to pick our top categories of products they would be: Tools, power tools and hydraulics.