5DT - Fifth Dimension Technologies

5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies) produces heavy equipment training simulators. Surface mining: simulators for haul trucks, excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, draglines, shovels, graders, surface miners and light delivery vehicles. Underground hard rock mining: simulators for drill rigs, LHDs, bolters, haul trucks and utility vehicles. Underground coal mining: simulators for shuttle cars, continuous miners, long-walls, scoops, roof bolters and bolter-miners. Construction: simulators for graders, excavators, rigid trucks, articulated trucks, front end loaders and cranes. Road freight and logistics: simulators for a wide range of heavy on-road vehicles. 5DT has offices in Australia, South Africa, the United States and Chile.5DT - Making your operators safer, more productive and less destructive5DT offers not merely training simulators but a Training Solution allowing you to establish a training pipeline to train more people to higher standards in shorter timeframes. This includes the following tools: -Training Simulators-Pre-Simulators-Computer Based Training Systems (E-Learning)-Visualisers