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Unlocking mineral wealth in Mauritania

Suricate Minerals is engaging with international financial and technical service partners to develop its quartz, barite, lithium, copper and gold prospects located throughout Mauritania

Ultra-high performance fuel-economy engine oil from Fuchs

FUCHS TITAN CARGO SAE 15W-40 ensures the highest levels of performance and engine durability in highly stressed commercial vehicle engines.

University of Witwatersrand is unlocking the future of mining

The Centre for Mechanised Mining Systems offers a wide variety of courses and post-graduate degree programs to empower the next generation of mine bosses to look beyond traditional man-machine management techniques to systems based approaches. Recognising the future role of mechanisation in narrow reef hard rock mining operations, Sandvik Mining took an instrumental role in establishing the centre.

Mechanised mining

Unique mining solutions from Technicrete

Technicrete provides the Deckwerk heavy duty paver for underground roadways and surface applications, HT33 grout - hydraulic hardening construction material, and TSL thin skin liner used as a rock support.

Mining application products

Ultralok coupling is resistant to the corrosive effects of SRB in mines

Ultralok coupling for jointing of plain ended pipes is the solution for mines experiencing corrosive damage to metal pipelines as a result of sulphate reducing bacteria in the water.

Ultralok coupling