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Get serious about economic development outcomes

Independent economic development partners can provide the neutral ground needed to get the greatest benefit for the most important beneficiaries the community.

Good intentions are often muddled with very complex execution

Partners at Webber Wentzel discuss how Mining Charter III may have the good intentions of addressing inadequacies of broad-based socio-econmic empowerment

Generators provide clean and stable power

Vert Energy's portable generators are essential in the event of a power outage and useful where conventional power is unavailable.

Good vibrations for Aury Africa at Electra Mining Africa 2016

Aury Africa's suppler of screening and vibrating equipment to the African mining market shows off locally produced PU panels at EMA.

GRP cooling towers crucial in aggressive chemical processing

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) prevails over concrete, steel and wood as the most suitable primary cooling tower material in mining processes

Goscor Cleaning Equipment partners with local company

Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) in a joint venture with Highpoint Vacuum, will showcase the new class-leading, locally manufactured Vac-Master vacuum truck at Electra Mining.

Air conveyancing equipment