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Remote control your Epiroc Scooptram with new automation package

For greater safety and efficiency in underground mining, Epiroc releases a number of automation features for the Scooptram underground loader

Locally manufactured steel arch roof support for mining applications

Becker Mining South Africa's locally manufactured steel arch roof support systems - which can be integrated with other support elements

Stellar results lead to tempting times for world's top miners

The world's 40 largest mining companies have delivered an impressive financial performance in 2017, increasing revenue by 23 percent to USD$600bn

Insurance claims due to violent protests up by 30 percent

Aon South Africa says it is crucial for business owners and individuals to review their assets insurance policies and ensure they have Sasria cover included for special risks.

Aeolus tyres provide quality and performance

To date more than 700 pcs AEOLUS 27.00R49 AE46/E4 have been delivered to end users in 12 countries, and the performance is very popular with the customers

Get serious about economic development outcomes

Independent economic development partners can provide the neutral ground needed to get the greatest benefit for the most important beneficiaries the community.

Becker Mining SA to install environmental monitoring system at Zimbabwean mine

Becker Mining South Africa - specialists in safety and communications technologies for the mining sector - will soon install a robust atmospheric and environmental monitoring system at a mine in Zimbabwe

Amendment of the Financial Regulations, 2015: Offshore oil & gas rights holders to comply by February 2024

In mid-April, the Minister of Environmental Affairs amended the Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015 to extend the transitional period to comply with these Regulations for holders of offshore oil or gas exploration or production rights to 19 February 2024

Kathu's daring doctor treats 30 000 patients in one mining town

In her position as Superintendent, Occupational Health and Hygiene, at the Sishen Mine of Kumba Iron Ore (an Anglo American subsidiary) Dr Nothando Moyo-Mubayiwa provides strategic leadership for the mine's occupational health and hygiene services

Clean work environments can save billions in compensation costs

Dust and debris on mine and construction sites represents a significant danger to workers and can have dire consequences for employers.